LTV8124 GE/10GE Packet Broker




Luxar Tech Inc. Luxcope™ series of products address various needs in network visibility. Luxar Tech takes pride in leading the industry in cost-effectiveness and meeting customization needs.

Luxcope™ LTV8124 is a 1GE/10GE packet broker device for copying, filtering, aggregating, and distributing network traffic to enable efficient use of traffic analysis tools.




LTV8124 can receive mirrored traffic from a subset of 1GE/10GE ports, filter the received traffic using ACL rules, load-balance and redistribute the received traffic to another subset of 1GE/10GE ports for processing by traffic analysis tools so that the traffic analysis tools receive interested traffic only. This 1G/10G solution is ideal for branch locations and use at the network edge.

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